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The Ishtar Clinic was created in 2018 by a group of military surgeons.The basic principle on which clinic was based is personal responsibility of the physician for the patient, not of the medical facility. Unfortunately, this was neglected in the state health care system. Realizing that medicine is the same service as any other, and it should have a price, it was a desire to create an institution in which the quality of services would meet international guidelines and standards. Our goal is to prevent the development of diseases, not to treat their effects. Our goal is your health!

  • We care about our patients.
  • We’ll find an individual approach to each patient.
  • Our goal is your health.
  • We’ll prove that qualitative medicine in Ukraine exists!

Our team

Dr. Igor Zhukov

Dr. Igor Zhukov

Endoscopyst 1-st category, Surgeon, Proctologyst
Dr. Yevheniia Shvets

Dr. Yevheniia Shvets

Anaesthesiologist 1-st category, pediatric anaesthesiologist
Dr. Anton Palkin

Dr. Anton Palkin

Endoscopyst 2-d category, Pediatric endoscopyst

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