Laboratory diagnostics

Laboratory diagnostics

Laboratory diagnostics

Laboratory diagnostics is one of the necessary components of diagnostics and treatment, which allows to establish the final diagnosis, as well as to monitor the course of the disease and to control the process of treatment. For this purpose the necessary type of analysis is assigned and the patient is taken the necessary biomaterial (blood test, urine test, sputum test, feces analysis, etc.).
After consultation, your health care provider will determine what kind of tests you need to take and will prescribe a referral with these points.

The Ishtar Clinic analyzes both adults and children. We take care of your family’s health.
It is important to remember that the diagnosis is not based only on the results of analyzes. Your doctor performs a complete diagnosis: history, complaints, examination, laboratory diagnostics and, if necessary, a number of additional studies. Specialist will decrypt analyzes for you.

The patient receives the results of the analysis within a day or a few days, depending on the type of study. Your doctor will consult you due to the results. Also, the results of the analyzes are sent to your email, where you can see the analyzes at a convenient time.

You can submit tests directly in the clinic. We employ highly qualified nurses, which will make the procedure for the delivery of biomaterials as comfortable and painless as possible. Only one-off tools and containers are used to collect and store the analysis. After manipulation, the materials are sent to the laboratory on the same day.

The laboratories we work with:

«DILA». Clinical-diagnostic multidisciplinary laboratory. He has been working in Ukrane since 1998. It performs a considerable list of laboratory studies: general clinical research, allergology, hematology, prenatal screening, oncology, bacteriology, cytomorphology, genetic research, and others.

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