Outpatient surgery

Outpatient surgery

  • Outpatient surgery or “one-day surgery” is rapidly picking up, because in this case, surgery does not “knock” you out of the usual rhythm of life.
  • The use of minimally invasive techniques does not require prolonged rehabilitation, with no need for hospitalization and the patient can plan a doctor’s visit himself.
  • The cost of outpatient care is well below inpatient care.
  • Most importantly, there is no risk of hospital-acquired infection;

At your service in the clinic “Ishtar” is carried out:

  • Advisory appointment of an experienced surgeon;
  • Removal of hanging moles and papillae;
  • Removal of subcutaneous benign formations;
  • Removal of a linden (a marked growth of adipose tissue on the body);
  • Removal of hygroma (sprawl with fluid in the cavity);
  • Removal of atheroma (growth of adipose tissue in the area of the scalp);
  • Removal of inflammatory purulent process (abscess, carbuncle, boil);
  • Removal of the ingrown nail;
  • Scar excision

Advantages of outpatient surgery at Ishtar Clinic

  • Innovative minimally invasive techniques;
  • Equipment from leading European manufacturers;
  • Impact of the laser only on the damaged tissue;
  • Minimal cosmetic defect;
  • Treatment without breaking the patient from the usual rhythm of life;
  • Minimum stay in the clinic;
  • Rapid healing and short rehabilitation period;
  • Maximum comfort.

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