Ultrasound diagnostics

Ultrasound diagnostics

Ultrasound diagnostics

Ultrasound diagnostics is a study of tissues and organs using ultrasonic waves. When passing through the tissue ultrasound is reflected and these changes are recorded by a special sensor. They are the basis of the image we get during the survey. Ultrasound is a fairly common study and has several advantages.

Advantages of ultrasound diagnostics:

  • there is no interference with the tissues and organs of the patient;
  • maximum security;
  • informative.

Currently, several types of ultrasound are used: conventional scanning (ultrasound diagnosis) and doppler ultrasound. Most commonly used traditional ultrasound examination. Doppler imaging studies the blood flow, patency of blood vessels.

What we offer:

The specialists of «Ishtar» Clinic perform complex ultrasound with the help of a modern expert class ultrasound machine. We employ diagnostic doctors with extensive practical experience: top-level doctors, candidates of medical sciences, who have thousands of studies.

Types of ultrasound

More than 20 types of studies are performed at the Ishtar Clinic, including:

  • ultrasound of the heart (ECHO KG with Doppler);
  • ultrasound of vessels of head and neck;
  • Ultrasound examination of abdominal organs;
  • ultrasound of the bladder and kidneys;
  • ultrasound of pelvic organs;
  • Breast ultrasound;
  • Thyroid ultrasound;
  • Soft tissue ultrasound;
  • ultrasound of joints;
  • ultrasound of the veins and arteries of the upper extremities;
  • ultrasound of the veins and arteries of the lower extremities;

How is ultrasound performed?

During the diagnosis, the patient lies on the couch, a transparent gel is applied to the skin in the study area. The doctor then picks up the sensor and starts moving it over the patient’s skin. The image of the inspected internal systems and organs goes to the monitor. Please note that a number of ultrasound examinations may require some training. In particular, the ultrasound examination of the bladder requires that it be filled. This guarantees more accurate results

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